Ripples in the Water

I’m amazed to be able to meet, speak with, and know such awesome people in my life.  I have gotten to meet some very successful people, kind people, passionate people, hardworking people, and inspiring people, just to name a few attributes.

In just the past couple of months I have had the honor to meet some extraordinary women that have been very encouraging and inspiring.  One is a mother in which I was one of her doulas.  She was so strong throughout her un-medicated, no intervention labor and birth. She was walking down the delivery floor at 6 cm amazing all the nurses as she did.  She gave birth to a beautiful 21 inch, 8 lb 12oz boy.  This mom was so strong and focused on having the best birth for her baby.  Then through the next 6 weeks she struggled with breastfeeding due to him having an un-diagnosed posterior tongue tie and a thick lip tie.  This was making it nearly impossible to breastfeed comfortable for her or her baby.  After 3 lactation consultants and a meeting with a dentist it was diagnosed and they had a frenectomy.  Now her baby boy is learning how to used his tongue and they are working on starting breastfeeding again.  I am so proud of this mama and all the hard work she has done and is still doing in providing the best care and love for her son!!!

Another strong mama  I have had the opportunity to work with is a mom also very dedicated in having a un-medicated birth with no interventions.  From the very beginning this was her goal.  She learned and practiced everything and when labor began she followed all she had learned.  Her labor progressed great and when she got to the hospital she was already 10 cm, completely effaced, and at a stage of 2+  (baby’s head was really low).  She continued to follow her body’s waves of contractions.  However after 5 hours of this, her uterus became very tired and her contractions started to slow instead of getting closer together.  Her midwife suggested her to use a small dose of Pitocin to help decrease the lag between contractions and although this was the opposite of what she had wanted in her birth plan she decided that this would be best for her and her baby due to the circumstances.  She ended up having the baby very soon after this decision.  She and her husband were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl that was 20 inches long and weighed 7 lbs 12 oz.  This mom has continued providing the best care to her baby!!  Breastfeeding is going great and she is learning lots as time goes on.

Both of these first time moms have shown me great strength and open hearts and minds.

Another amazing person I have had to honor to get to talk with is Barbara Harper.  I met her through a common acquaintance on Facebook.  We both have a common interest in improving the care of mothers and infants during childbirth and Barbara is currently planning a trip to India, which is very much my interest.  We were able to talk over skype this past week.  I got to learn the very diverse places that she has traveled and her plans on educating people in India about gentle birthing environments and water birth.  I am so excited to have gotten to enjoy a conversation with her and to share contacts.  I am sure that as her inspiration in India with fellow birth workers will be a great benefit to the care of women and infants during birth.

One last person I would like to mention is a woman named Red who is from Canada but who has been working in South India and much of South Asia for several years as a midwife and advocate for women and children.  We were able to talk about my vision of providing an avenue for birth workers in USA to travel to India to help in the improvement of maternal care and health.  As well as her experiences and all the great information she had to share in regards to working internationally in the birth world.  I am excited for what the future has in store for us and for UjalaMama.

All of these individuals above are taking steps to make a difference either in the life of their children, their own life, and/or in the lives of others.  Although their contributions may not be seen by the whole world and may seem to be only a small drop in the pond, they are all making ripples in the water that will continue on for generations to come.

Have a blessed day and Make your difference in the World around you!!!!

Live Abundantly,



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