Early Pregnancy Class in Stillwater OK

I will be teaching a Bright Beginnings Early Pregnancy class in Stillwater, OK, at the OSU Family Resource Center this coming Thursday.  This is the first Early Pregnancy class that I will have taught in Stillwater and on a college campus.  I will also be meeting a couple of local doulas in the area and we will be sharing our plans in how to serve Stillwater and surrounding communities.  My hope is that this week’s class and meetings will be just the beginning in educating couples and families in Stillwater, Dallas, and other communities about childbirth, informed consent and how beautifully birth can progress when it is allowed to flow naturally.  This time is also the beginning of my organization’s (UjalaMama) advocacy outreach to college campuses and communities in hopes to bring awareness, support, and knowledge on issues regarding childbirth and other related issues connected to women’s health and rights (such as, cesarean rates, maternal mortality, and female genital mutilation) here in the states and around the world.  We hope that by educating individuals on these issues, there will be a passion ignited and an understanding that these issues are not simply issues of childbearing women but are instead issues affecting all of us within our entire society and world.

I am very excited to be able to share information with the individuals that will be present at the Early Pregnancy class.  We will be covering all of the following and more!

  • How to have a healthy pregnancy that encourages a safe and healthy birth
  • The 6 Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices
  • Expected Changes during Pregnancy
  • Health Recommendations
  • Having a great support team during pregnancy and childbirth and the benefits of this
  • Awesome Resources
  • Sharing birth Experiences, Games, and Fun!!!!

I can’t wait and will keep you posted on how it all moves forward :)!

Live Abundantly,



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