Manual Scavengers in India

This topic may not seem to add very much “bright” to your day; and although my hope for my posts is that they will add to your life in a uplifting way,  I believe that this topic also benefits us to see and understand.  I want to contribute thoughts and issues that not only lift us up in our daily lives but also broaden our mind sets and help us further engage in the world around us.  I hope that we all can find a balance of peace and serenity in our life and still hold on to a passion for justice and love for our fellow man.

The topic of today is Manual Scavengers.

manual scavenging

I just signed a petition for Manual Scavenging to no longer be legal in India on the following website, please feel free to support the issue too:

Manual Scavenging is the process of cleaning Human Excrement up with the bare hands.  1.3 million people are forced to do this in India every day.  This does not only occur in India but all over South Asia.

Officially this practice has been banned and “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, in a moment of historical precedent, called manual scavenging “one of the darkest blots on [India’s] development process” and asked all State Ministers in the country to pledge to eliminate this “abominable practice” from every corner of India.” (  However, it is stil very prevelent.  The following are just a couple of links that discuss the matter.



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