Join the One World Birth Revolution!!!!

one world birth yellow

There’s a New Campaign through Freedom for Birth and it is Awesome!  The FREE 15 minute Video on their website describes just how rights in birth is more than just options for birthing women but a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE!  Below is an excerpt from their website:

“Join The One World Birth Revolution”

“Companies use online newsletter subscriptions, Facebook “likes” and Twitter to build a valuable customer base.

Instead of a customer base, what if One World Birth created a POWER BASE of like-minded individuals who are passionate about changing the world?

We want to create a community of a MILLION voices that can take immediate action from their desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Whether it be in protest or support, that power could be directed to where it is needed most via online campaigns, petitions and words of encouragement.

Imagine being able to collect a million signatures immediately. Or having a million participants in a campaign. It’s what the Internet does best: to connect and support. No one knows how effective it will be, but surely it’s worth giving it a go?

Let’s do it now and start changing the world together!”

Go to One World Birth to watch FREEDOM FOR BIRTH, then please tell 10 PEOPLE to do the same.


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