Wedding Ring Rash and Ghee Treatment!

Wedding Ring Rash (dermatitis) is a common rash that occurs under the wedding ring.  It looks like a red elevated line right under the ring.  It also can be itchy and have bumps that come up around it.  I had this this past week, and it came along with my regular allergies of the year.  So I’m assuming that my immune system was weak and decided to break down all at once 🙂

I didn’t get a pic b/c i didn’t think about it at the time, but I wanted to share that it was horrible for the past 4 days but last night before bed my husband made me put Ghee on it, and this morning,it stopped itching and it’s basically gone.  So, once again another great use of GHEE!!!  This was after I had used several other products trying to make it go away 🙂

A little more about wedding ring rash: very common from rings that are 14K-18K gold because there is often a need to add some nickle to the gold to make it wearable.  Nickle allergies are very common.  Another reason could be simply things getting stuck up underneath a ring and since wedding rings are rarely taken off causing a skin irritation; this usually can be fixed with removing the ring and washing hand and ring with soap and water.  

Live Abundantly,



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