A little about me:

My name is Rebekah Bhansali.  I am the co-founder and director of UjalaMama.  I live in Irving, TX.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Human Development & Family Science Degree with a pre-nursing minor.  I am currently a Certified Doula through DONA; a graduate Birth and Postpartum Doula through the MotherMe Doula.  I am also a certified WIC  Breastfeeding Educator, Lamaze Educator, and trained in Baby Massage.

In 2009 I worked as an intern in India with the organization ARTH (Action Research and Training for Health).  As an intern I assisted in the program of training public and rural nurses and labor support in evidence-based labor and delivery practices.  I collected, compiled, analyzed, and presented research results of the effectiveness of the training and the practices of the current public hospitals.  During this internship I observed numerous delivers, prenatal checkups, and postnatal home wellness checks.  This six month experience greatly enhanced my desire to assist in improving birth practices and empower women.

October 15th of 2011 I married the guy I love most, Amit.

I love learning new things and interacting with others from around the world.  I love my family and learning and teaching and working with women.  My hope in being able change the world, even just a little bit, is strong and is what keeps me going in all my dreams 🙂

I believe that people should not just live life but live it abundantly!  This is one reason that I am so pasionate about women’s rights and a mother’s birthing experience during delivery.  This specific time in a woman’s life is definitely a rite of passage and is vitally important to her and the whole family’s lives.  I have traveled around to several different countries, observed different delivery practices, and love seeing how the miracle of birth is special in every culture.

I’m so happy to see you on my blog.  Please take a look around, comment, and enjoy.

Another of my websites/blogs you may want to visit is ujalamama.com

Live Abundantly,



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