Healing Herbs and Novels

So, I’ve read several books over the past year discussing herbs, aromatherapy, and the like.  I have started taking a great interest in this.  Although all of this is still very new to me, it is so interesting.  I have begun reading a book I bought a couple of months ago, while visiting a thrift store with my parents: “The Woman’s Book of Healing Herbs”.  I’m enjoying it pretty well as of now.  As I go through it, I plan on writing about some of the interesting things I find and including it here.  Please comment and  let me know if you have some great info in this area! I’d love to hear about it.

Another book I started reading just this week and am loving it so far is “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks.  I was listening to NPR radio station one day while in the car and this book sounded so interesting that I had to go to the library and get it that day.  I loved how it seemed this book discusses the transformation of a young woman’s mindset, was based on a true historical event, and was written by a very interesting woman.  It is set in 1666 in a village outside of London, during the “Great” or bubonic plague and is about a young woman, Anna.  This story is based on a true village and obviously a true plague.  It also goes well with the information I’m gathering about herbs and such b/c throughout the book Anna, discusses a lot about how herbs and herbalist in her village are perceived.  The woman in this profession of her village is looked at with caution and mistrust and although all the people will call on her when they need healing, they are still unsure if what she does is good or possibly some sort of witchery.   From what I gathered from the radio discussion, as Anna goes along in the story, she learns more about how sickness and illness is not necessarily a punishment of God and begins to assist in the healing of others.  I will have to continue to read on to find out exactly how that plays out.  Another reason I was so interested in reading this book was the author.  G. Brooks was a journalist and correspondent to “The Wall Street Journal”.  She has lived in and traveled through Bosnia, Somalia, and across the Middle East.  This part of her life has definitely influence her writing that can be seen in this novel and others.  I truly recommend this book and would love to hear your take on the book or her other writings. 🙂

Live Abundantly,



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